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What Alternative Doctors Do When Their Loved Ones Get Cancer

After surgery and chemotherapy failed,
this doctor’s son returned home
to spend his last days with his family.

Instead, his dad helped him find a medical miracle!

Give yourself as much as a 98 percent chance of beating cancer. . .

With this exciting new treatment – PLUS nine other
little-known remedies that are saving thousands of lives.

Dear Reader,

You can survive and cure cancer. In fact, it can almost be a sure thing... if you know what to do.

Dr. Stanley R. Olsztyn is a medical doctor who also practices alternative medicine. That was a very lucky thing for his son, Mark, who had a tumor the size of a walnut removed from his brain in 1993. Things seemed okay for five years. But in 1998 a second tumor was found, much more malignant than the first one.

What happened instead was a medical miracle

Mark’s dad, the doctor, had learned about one of the newest concepts in nutritional supplements. It’s a patented compound that’s only been around since 1995.

Give it a few more years, and it might put the American cancer industry out of business! All the surgery, radiation, and poisonous chemotherapy may become a thing of the past. You see...

Your body can fix itself!

Establishment medicine has figured out that cancer is often caused by DNA gone haywire. Our DNA is damaged all the time by free radicals, toxins, pollutants and other attackers – every minute of every day!

Yet most of us don’t get cancer. Thanks to one of nature’s wonders, DNA can repair itself most of the time. It’s when your cells lose this ability to fix themselves that cancer follows.

Let me repeat, this is sound science, accepted by the medical establishment. What the medical establishment won’t accept is the discovery Dr. Olsztyn recommended to his son...

A revolutionary new supplement
that can repair damaged, cancer-prone DNA

This alternative health breakthrough combines several natural nutrients that help DNA repair itself. Then it binds them together with another nutrient that can travel anywhere in the body, even past the “blood-brain barrier” that keeps many nutrients out. This unique feature is protected by patent.

It’s as if the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the supplement hitch a ride on an all-terrain vehicle that can go anywhere!

Mark was feeling so sick from chemotherapy that he decided to stop and take only the treatment his father recommended.

Five years later, Mark is still alive
With no trace of brain cancer!

The new supplement is the only treatment Mark Olsztyn has taken all that time. His only contact with conventional cancer treatment has been diagnostic MRIs.

Mark’s story is not the only one. Sarah Jones, a Denver woman, was diagnosed with breast cancer. And like Mark Olsztyn, she’s lucky enough to have an alternative health expert in the family – her husband Bob, a renowned inventor of medical equipment.

Sarah refused all conventional cancer treatments. She even refused a biopsy, because she knew biopsies may spread cancer. Instead, Bob Jones did some research and learned about the same treatment Dr. Olsztyn recommended for his son.

Within six months of beginning treatment, Sarah found her malignant breast tumor had shrunk by two-thirds. And here’s another dramatic case history. . .

“What are you doing scuba diving?
You’re supposed to be dead!”

Ken Walker, a 67-year-old clergyman, tells a story that’s even more amazing. Ken was the victim of a deadly cancer that ravages the bones. Nine out of ten patients with this disease die within two years.

“I had this terrible bone pain in my head, spine, ribs, and all over,” Rev. Walker recalls. “I felt just terrible pain and needed to sleep all the time to escape it. I took pain pills and assorted sleeping pills.”

Ken’s oncologist (cancer specialist) told him the disease would kill him in three months if he didn’t submit to chemotherapy.

Ken defied the odds – not to mention his doctor

He started taking the revolutionary new supplement that saved Mark and Sarah.

Twenty months later the “dead man” was scuba diving in Aruba!

“Today, this same oncologist advises me that if I was visiting him for the first time, he would not suspect cancer had ever been present,” says Rev. Walker. He declares...

“The treatment I researched on my own saved me”

Can the new breakthrough prevent cancer as well as reverse it? Very likely. There’s a long-term study underway to find out. Meanwhile, we know this for sure: It’s completely safe, and bursting with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are known to be good for you.

I’m taking it myself for prevention.

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And who am I? My name is Morton Walker. I’m a doctor of podiatric medicine, but I stopped seeing patients decades ago. Instead, I spend full time investigating the claims and discoveries in alternative medicine and reporting what I find to folks like you.

I’ve published 80 books – and 3,000 articles – on all aspects of alternative medicine. I have no connection to any of the doctors or clinics I’m telling you about, and I have no financial interest in any supplement company.

There’s only one thing I’m interested in, and that’s reporting important health news to you as honestly as I can. That’s what I do in a new Special Report called Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

It gives you all the details on the new supplement I describe above – it’s Cancer Remedy #8 in the Special Report -- plus nine other natural cancer therapies that are almost unknown in North America, even to alternative doctors. Put this information to work and you can...

Give yourself as much as a 98 percent chance of beating cancer!

That’s the success rate a distinguished German doctor told me he’s achieved with Cancer Remedy #2 in your copy of Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

What’s more, you can safely take this rare plant extract for cancer prevention so you never end up a cancer patient. The report tells you where to order.

I know what I’m talking about, because my own beloved wife took this rare natural plant extract and held off a recurrence of her breast cancer. I’ve met the doctor who discovered Cancer Remedy #2, toured his clinic and talked to his patients.

And since I’m a medical journalist myself, no one’s going to pull the wool over my eyes – much less get me to recommend a treatment to my own wife unless it’s backed by solid science and clinical evidence with real-life patients. Like this amazing therapy...

An American doctor found this cancer cure 137 years ago.
But today it’s banned in America.

That doesn’t stop alternative doctors. If they or their loved ones are diagnosed with cancer, they get on a plane and fly wherever they have to go to get this treatment.

That’s what a Connecticut nutritionist did when she was diagnosed with a large, malignant breast tumor. Her doctor determined it was an aggressive cancer that was growing very fast.

But thanks to her knowledge of alternative medicine, the nutritionist knew where to go when she needed help herself.

She headed for the German clinic
that cured as many as 98 out of 100 cancer patients!

In an exclusive interview, the nutritionist told me, “I’m well informed about German alternative cancer treatments – having referred American patients to that country’s clinics frequently.”

Before she left the States, she had a lumpectomy – meaning removal of the tumor, not the whole breast. But after that, she refused the follow-up radiation her U.S. surgeon recommended.

Instead, the German doctors treated her with Cancer Remedy #2 -- the rare plant extract I recommended to my wife, PLUS an even more exciting anti-cancer therapy – Cancer Remedy #1 in my Special Report.

After a few weeks of treatment she was able to return home, and...

She’s been cancer-free for over seven-and-a-half years.

. . .No thanks to the American cancer industry. You see, Cancer Remedy #1 was discovered in America 137 years ago. But the people who pioneered this treatment decades later were literally run out of the country by the FDA. You can’t get it here. Period.

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The story starts back in 1868 when an American M.D. named Peter Busch noticed something very interesting: A 43-year-old woman experienced a “spontaneous” cancer cure after a strep infection had given her a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dr. Busch wrote up his findings, but nobody noticed for 25 years. Then in 1883 a surgeon named William Coley came across Dr. Busch’s report. He was so intrigued he decided to try some experiments on lab animals that had cancer. In fact, he was so intrigued he carried on his lab tests for more than 20 years.

When he finally published his results in 1906, they were nothing short of amazing: He could cure cancer in animals just by giving them bacterial infections that cause a full-body fever.

High fever makes cancers disappear.

Research shows it works on humans, too.

Three medical scientists examined 450 cases of “spontaneous” cancer remission and found that one-third of the patients had experienced high fevers!

What’s more, doctors these days don’t infect you with bacteria to give you a fever. That can be hazardous. Now they have safe, high-tech ways to raise your body temperature for an hour or two till the cancer cells are kaput. It worked for the nutritionist with breast cancer I mentioned earlier.

Famous German actress sings its praises – literally!

Using these safe new techniques, doctors in foreign clinics achieve cancer miracles. You’ll find out how they do it in my Special Report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

A German physician, Dr. Friedrich Douwes, told me the story of one of his patients, a famous European actress who was near death.

Ovarian cancer had spread to her liver and lungs, despite years of chemotherapy. She could barely speak because her vocal cords were paralyzed. Like many cancer patients, she turned to alternative medicine only when her case looked hopeless.

After less than a year of high-body-temperature treatments, every sign of cancer was gone – from her liver, ovaries, lungs, everywhere. She could act and sing again and went back on stage.

In fact, she was so grateful she performed a one-woman musical for Dr. Douwes, the clinic staff and all the patients, with reporters and TV crews in attendance!

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Highest remission rate of any known cancer treatment

Vera de Winter, Ph.D., is a leading authority on cancer treatment. In an exclusive interview, she told me, “From application of such elevated heat, the average remission rate for patients with advanced stages of cancer is 80 percent. There is no other treatment modality known with such a high remission rate.”

I’d like to underline that phrase “advanced stages.” She’s talking about the toughest cancer cases, not the easier, early-stage stuff.

During the past seven years, and working with thousands of patients, Dr. Douwes has achieved an 80 percent success rate on a wide range of advanced cancers, including liver, lung, bone, colon, stomach and others. But the news gets even better...

Nine out of ten men can reverse prostate cancer
without drugs or surgery

That’s the success rate Dr. Douwes told me he was racking up with his prostate cancer patients. The body-heat treatment also works on BPH – benign prostate hypertrophy (enlargement).

Can you imagine what would happen if these non-drug, non-radiation, non-chemotherapy treatments became widely known and available here in North America?

Big drug companies and hospitals would lose billions! No wonder they fight to keep them away from you.

Find out what really kills cancer cells

If a high fever can cure cancer, imagine what else the American cancer establishment doesn’t know or won’t tell you.

It’s a plain fact that cancer tumors disappear all the time, for no apparent reason. Conventional doctors call it “spontaneous” remission.

Spontaneous, my foot! Turn to Cancer Remedy #10 in my Special Report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work, and learn...

What four out of five “spontaneous”
cancer cures have in common

In one study of cancer patients who experienced spontaneous remission, more than four out of five had changed their diet! 87% of them, to be exact. And 65% of them took supplements!

My chapter on Cancer Remedy #10 reveals a diet plan that has saved thousands of lives over the last 70 years, according to many witnesses.

The program sure worked for Gerald, who was 54 when his doctor told him he had a malignant melanoma – the most serious type of skin cancer. Within ten days after the diagnosis, the disease had spread to 20 or 30 spots on his chest and back. Doctors told him his case was basically hopeless.

A year after starting the special “Cancer Remedy #10 diet,” Gerald was cancer-free.

Fourteen years after his diagnosis he was still alive, with no sign of a return of the melanoma. He credited Cancer Remedy #10 with saving his life. And he’s just one of thousands.

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Natural Cancer Remedies that Work
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You’re being denied life-saving information:
There’s no need to be scared of cancer anymore

The government and the medical establishment in North America are so hostile to natural cancer therapies, even alternative doctors shy away from the subject. It’s too risky. They could lose their licenses or even go to jail.

Some of these therapies are unavailable here. Others can be purchased here, but few doctors dare tell you about them for fear of lawsuits or FDA intimidation.

I’ve checked the writings of some of America’s most famous alternative doctors. At most, they mention only one or two of the ten revolutionary natural cancer treatments that I cover -- in depth -- in this Special Report.

I can safely reveal this amazing information only because I’m protected by freedom of speech. I’m now a journalist. If I were still treating patients or selling these remedies, I could be in hot water!

So please listen to me. If you want to prevent cancer, survive cancer, or cure cancer, please get one thing straight. . .


Thirty years of testing and
15,000 patients prove it works

Dr. Helmut G. Keller (now retired) was the head of the German clinic that treated the Connecticut nutritionist – and he’s the man who discovered Cancer Remedy #2. The Connecticut woman took this rare plant extract for seven-and-a-half years and remained cancer-free.

Dr. Keller discovered the rare plant by sheer chance, in a flower shop where he’d stopped to buy his wife a bouquet. It’s a fascinating story. You’ll learn the details in my Special Report.

Merely from observing the plant there in the shop, he figured it must possess an advanced type of immune system that could tell the difference between harmful intruders and its own cells.

Turns out he was right! He now has more than three decades of lab analysis, clinical investigation, and treatment of about 15,000 cancer patients to back him up. This plant is packed with 17 different substances that boost your immune system.

Kills three-fourths of leukemia cells in 72 hours

Dr. Keller’s clinic achieved remarkable success with leukemia victims as well as people with lung, cervical, bladder and breast cancers.

European in vitro studies suggest the plant extract reduces or totally obliterates cancer cells.

The lab scientists who conducted these studies report that the extract kills nearly 75 percent of leukemia cells in only 72 hours. . .two-thirds of ovarian cancer cells in 48 hours. . .half of human brain cancer cells in seven days. . .65 percent of sarcoma cells in 72 hours.

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Natural Cancer Remedies that Work
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The man who could have any cancer treatment
in the world chose this one

President Reagan took this plant extract for years after his 1985 operation to remove colon polyps. He could afford the best, and he chose Dr. Keller’s discovery! Shouldn’t you find out about it, too? It’s Cancer Remedy #2 in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you’ll want this information right away. Time is of the essence.

Dr. Keller told me his herbal remedy is much more successful in the early stages of cancer – before the patient receives chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

You take absolutely no risk when you decide to take a look at Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. If you feel the report isn’t what you expected, just let us know during the first eight weeks and you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Cancer Remedy #9:
JFK’s personal physician cured his
own colon cancer with this herbal blend

Cancer Remedy #9 in my Special Report was “discovered” in the 1930s. But Native Americans may have used it for hundreds of years. It’s an herbal tea that a medicine man of the Ojibway tribe revealed to a Canadian woman.

At one time the medical establishment actually came close to accepting this natural cure. The opportunity was fumbled, but even so, there’s less controversy surrounding Remedy #9 than some treatments I’ve mentioned. It has a seven-decade safety record and is credited with thousands of cures.

President John F. Kennedy’s personal physician and trusted friend, Charles Brusch, M.D. (now deceased) provided this remedy to cancer patients at his Massachusetts clinic.

In a 1990 affidavit, Dr. Brusch said, “I endorse this therapy even today, for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel. . .My last complete examination, where I was examined throughout the intestinal tract while hospitalized for a hernia problem, no sign of malignancy was found.”

Dr. Brusch said, “The results we obtained with patients of various races, genders, and ages with all types of cancer definitely proves [the herbal blend] to be a cure for cancer.”

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Natural Cancer Remedies that Work
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Ian’s son-in-law, a doctor,
steered him to this Native American remedy

Ian Coopersworth, a Canadian, learned he had a frightening PSA count of 68 (under 4 is considered safe). Sure enough, a biopsy confirmed Ian had prostate cancer. And sure enough, an orthodox urologist advised him to have his prostate removed.

But Ian said “no” to surgery – and “no” to a lifetime of impotence and incontinence.

Fortunately, his daughter’s husband was a physician who took an interest in alternative medicine. The doctor advised his father-in-law about various natural remedies, including Cancer Remedy #9.

Ian started drinking the Native American herbal tea and slashed his PSA count from 68 to zero! His prostate tumor literally dissolved and he became totally cancer-free.

This herbal tea – available in any health food store – could save your life. Ian Coopersworth’s miracle has been repeated for thousands of people over many decades.

Cancer Remedy #6:
Allen G. shrank his liver tumor 90 percent --
after his doctor gave up on him

After six years of chemotherapy, Allen G.’s doctor told him his case was hopeless. The chemo was no longer working and Allen’s liver cancer was inoperable because the tumor was wrapped around a vital blood vessel.

Four years later, Allen was healthy again after using alternative therapies, including Cancer Remedy #6, the powdered extract of a certain mushroom. Allen learned about the mushroom extract through his own research, and he can tell you all about it. He found nearly 400 studies.

Amazingly, Allen’s liver cancer shrank to less than ten percent of its original size. His CEA cancer marker fell more than two-thirds, from 296 to 97.9.

Lung cancer disappeared in six months
with “magic mushroom” extract

Martha I.’s story is even more dramatic. She had cancer at two sites in her lungs, and it was spreading. Like many cancer patients, she turned to alternatives only when orthodox treatments were no longer effective.

The nutritional program she started – including the powdered mushroom extract – completely cleared up her lung tumors in six months.

Her caregiver, Dr. Steven Bailey, said, “Seeing her current progress, orthodox medicine probably would declare this patient to be cured.”

My Special Report tells you where to order the “magic mushroom powder.”

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Natural Cancer Remedies that Work
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Give yourself four times the chance of survival –
with no additional risk!

Many cancer patients believe they must submit to conventional cancer therapies like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I understand. It’s a difficult decision.

But here’s more good news: you can use many of the natural cancer treatments in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work right along with conventional treatments. You don’t have to make a tough choice. You can tackle cancer with natural and conventional medicine at the same time! In fact...

There’s evidence the natural remedies
make the conventional treatments more effective.

In one study, lung cancer patients who took the mushroom extract along with radiation or chemotherapy survived AT FOUR TIMES THE RATE of those who received only the conventional treatments.

That’s a big difference, just for taking a natural food that can’t do you any harm. What’s more, practicing doctors say the mushroom reduces nasty side effects of chemotherapy such as fatigue and nausea.

Cancer remedy #1 – the high-body-temperature therapy – has been used with great success in combination with radiation and chemotherapy. A study showed it takes a lot less radiation to kill the cancer cells if the patient is “pre-heated.”

Your Special Report reveals the addresses, phone numbers and websites of foreign clinics where you or a loved one can receive the best of alternative AND conventional medicine.

Fight cancer three or four ways at once

The news you’ll receive in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work is so exciting I wish I could grab every cancer victim in the world and tell them all about it! You probably won’t hear about these treatments from a doctor. But you can purchase some of them – legally – right here in North America if you know where to go.

What’s more, you can often use more than one remedy at a time. That means you can spread your bets over three or four different natural cancer solutions. You don’t have to count on just one.

Beyond vitamins and minerals:
Improve your odds of preventing cancer
with herbs nearly unknown in the U.S.

Many doctors, including me, take one or more of the supplements you’ll discover in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. We don’t take them because we have cancer. We take them to prevent it.

That’s a bold statement. I say it because I have confidence in the preventive powers of many of these substances. I know they’ve helped thousands.

If you follow the advice in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work, I believe you may never need to fight cancer.

You won’t have to fight cancer if you never get it!

As you’ll discover in the Special Report, the people who discover, prescribe, and manufacture these remedies often take the remedies themselves and give them to their own families. Let me give you a real-life example...

Cancer Remedy #5 is an all-around immune-system booster that’s also one of nature’s most powerful painkillers. The Polynesians who discovered it thousands of years ago call this plant “the painkiller tree” or “the headache bush.”

Dr. Daniel Dugi is a medical doctor who practices in Texas. He recommended this remedy to his father, who had a small lung tumor removed. That was ten years go, and the cancer hasn’t returned.

Dr. Dugi says Cancer Remedy #5 works for his own arthritis pain. When he stops taking it, the pain returns. When he resumes taking it, the pain goes away. “So now I personally stay on the capsules all the time,” he told me in an interview. “I employ it for treatment of hypertension, cancer, inflammatory arthritis, systemic lupus...”

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Natural Cancer Remedies that Work
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Given five months to live, she shocked her doctors!

Mary Anne L.’s conventional doctors gave her five months to live. Her breast cancer had come back three times in ten years. Now it had spread to her liver and elsewhere. Chemotherapy no longer helped.

Did this Oregon woman give up? No way! She took the advice of a close friend, an ophthalmologist named John D. Flaxel, and went to Dr. Douwes’s cancer clinic in Germany. Like many alternative cancer specialists, Dr. Douwes employs a battery of remedies, depending on what’s best for the patient.

With Mary Anne, he used high-body-temperature therapy – PLUS “the painkiller tree” – the plant you’ll find in my Special Report as Cancer Remedy #5.

I received a heartwarming note from Dr. Flaxel, Mary Anne’s friend back in Oregon. “This woman looks and feels the best that she has in years,” he wrote me. Her liver tumors had disappeared, other cancer sites were shrinking, her cancer markers were returning to normal.

Her conventional doctor “can’t believe it,” according to Dr. Flaxel. “I hold a recent medical report documenting her improvement, and it verifies her progress toward complete healing.”

Cancer Remedy #4:
recommended by a Nobel Laureate,
used by 65,000 Cancer Patients,
unavailable in America

The Chinese learned about Cancer Remedy #4 from a Swedish M.D., Bjorn E.W. Nordenstrom – a man who’d won the Nobel Prize! Now it’s used in more than 800 hospitals throughout China, and in European clinics as well.

This safe treatment requires no surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Doctors have used it clinically on more than 65,000 patients worldwide. A Chinese study of 4,000 cancer patients showed a partial or complete remission rate of more than 80 percent.

Do you see? You can beat cancer! Clinics outside the U.S. achieve 80 percent success or better in treating advanced cancers. But why settle for that?

Here’s a way you can boost your chances up to 98 percent...

Early detection is essential – and now it’s easy!

Tragically, too many patients try alternative medicine only in the late stages of their illness – after their immune systems have been shattered by radiation and chemotherapy. “All of these [chemotherapy] drugs have one thing in common,” writes Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., “they are poisonous. They work because they’re poisons.”

And it’s unnecessary. All that horrible suffering could be avoided.

Dr. Helmut Keller boasts a success rate up to 98 percent in treating small cancers. The key is to use treatments that build your immune system -- like the ones in this report...

...and do it EARLY, BEFORE you resort to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The sooner you get started, the better.

Establishment doctors will tell you it’s hard to spot cancer early, when the tumors are very small.

Phooey! They’re wrong. In Natural Cancer Remedies that Work, I’ll show you how to detect cancers up to 19 months before conventional medicine can find them. Then you can get started with the natural remedies.

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Natural Cancer Remedies that Work
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Order your own personal copy of
Natural Cancer Remedies that Work

There’s so much more I’d like to tell you about the ten therapies in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. But I can’t do that here. You’ll find everything you need to know in this special on-line report. . . and you can get your own electronic PDF copy for just $29.95.

PLUS, if you feel that Natural Cancer Remedies that Work isn’t what you expected, just contact us during the first eight weeks and receive a FULL REFUND, no questions asked.

The Special Report gives you addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and websites for...

Cancer Remedy #1: The “high fever” cure that was discovered 137 years ago, then banned in America. This may have the highest remission rate of any therapy in the world.

Cancer Remedy #2: The rare plant extract used by President Reagan and by my own wife – an immune-system miracle that literally devours cancer cells!

Cancer Remedy #3: For lack of space, I didn’t even mention this one above. It was discovered by accident when a patient with pancreatic cancer – given only days to live – went into total remission and lived for years! Her good luck can be yours, too.

Cancer Remedy #4: 65,000 patients can’t be wrong! The Chinese learned about this therapy from a Swedish Nobel Prize winner, and they really went to town. But you can’t get it in North America.

Cancer Remedy #5: The “painkiller tree” is useful for cancer treatment AND prevention. You can buy it legally in America – and it might even rid you of arthritis pain!

Cancer Remedy #6: The “miracle mushroom” extract reportedly shrank a Texas man’s liver tumor by 90 percent -- after his doctor had given up on him! A study found that lung cancer patients on chemo who took this remedy survived at FOUR TIMES the rate of those who didn’t.

Cancer Remedy #7: Here’s another one I haven’t mentioned before! This doctor reports he can reverse cancer in nine out of ten patients. Read real-life case histories.

Cancer Remedy #8: A young Phoenix man with cancer returned home to spend his last days with his family. Instead, his father, an alternative doctor, steered him to this medical miracle!

Cancer Remedy #9: Discover what four out of five “spontaneous” cancer cures have in common. This therapy is natural, and you don’t need a prescription.

Cancer Remedy #10: JFK’s personal physician used it to cure his own colon cancer.

There you have it – ten clinically proven treatments that can give you an 80 percent chance of beating cancer – even in advanced cases.

Plus a BONUS CHAPTER that can
tip the odds in your favor even more

You can find and cure cancers up to 19 months before conventional medicine can detect them. Get the facts on the cutting-edge blood tests I describe in Chapter Eleven – common in Europe, almost unknown in North America.

Then you can get to work and tackle early-stage cancer with the immune-system boosters you’ll learn about in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

“For patients who come to me with early malignancies before undergoing any noxious therapies [radiation and chemotherapy], I achieve cancer remission for almost 98 percent of them.” That’s what Dr. Helmut Keller, inventor of Cancer Remedy #2, told me in a personal interview.

I saw the results for myself, and spoke to patients who give Dr. Keller credit for saving their lives.

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Natural Cancer Remedies that Work
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Examine the Special Report for eight weeks at no risk

Click on the “order” button and get your electronic, downloadable copy of Natural Cancer Remedies that Work today for only $29.95. You take absolutely no risk when you decide to examine the report. Just let us know you’re not satisfied any time during the first eight weeks and we’ll give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked.

That’s about the best guarantee you’ll ever see. And it shows the confidence my publisher and I have in this vital information. We don’t think you’ll want to return this Special Report. More likely, you’ll want to give a copy to everyone you know.

Click below and order your copy at once.

Best wishes,

Morton Walker, DPM

P.S. Isn’t it wonderful there’s now so much hope, from all over the world, for cancer victims? But better yet, these safe, natural, herbal supplements could be the key to making sure you and those you love never get cancer in the first place! That’s what I do!

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